Montana (MTN) Alien – 250ML

4.20 inc. Vat

The Alien concept was revolutionary in every aspect for the detail oriented writer. It incorporates a special formula in its paint that makes it particularly opaque increasing its performance considerably. It is developed with a meticulously researched proportion of gas which allows for the adequate pressure in jobs and fine lines that require maximum precision.

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· 250 ml.
· Satin finish
· Low pressure
· 23 colors

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Color Chart MTN Alien:

RV-1021 Light Yellow, RV-1028 Medium Yellow, RV- 46 Coral Orange, RV- 3020 Light Red, RV-47 Clandestine Red, RV- 48 Replicant Red, RV- 53 Instanbul Violet, RV- 52 Karma Violet, RV- 51 Republic Violet, RV-13 Himalaya Blue, RV- 69 Dream Blue, RV- 59 Mescalito Green, RV- 60 Kripton Green, RV- 61 Mingus Green, RV-27 Vampire Violet, RV-5002 Ultramarine Blue, RV- 77 Night Red, RV- 35 Chocolate Brown, R R-9011 Black, RV-9010 Divinity White, RV-43 Mordor Grey, RV-44 Gargoyle Grey